Many years ago—during a time when MySpace was the dominant form of social media, the iPhone didn’t yet exist and LCD Soundsystem was still playing live shows—Catherine and AJ met in Brooklyn. Their first date was quickly followed by a second the next day where AJ concluded, after Catherine ordered a bacon cheeseburger, that this relationship might go somewhere. When he asked her to see the Flaming Lips play at Webster Hall, she knew their feelings were mutual.

They decided to explore NYC, their new city, together, and for the next seven years, they did. At times, their adventures took them outside the city limits. And on one such occasion—at one of their favorite museums (Dia:Beacon), inside of one of their favorite artist’s works (Richard Serra’s Torqued Ellipses)—AJ got down on one knee and asked Catherine to marry him. She said yes, and their parents (and Lulu) approved.

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